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Ms. M. De Arcos » Welcome to Spanish 1A and Spanish 2A!

Welcome to Spanish 1A and Spanish 2A!

Spanish 1A:
Spanish1 introduces students to Spanish through a communication-based approach . Students will learn the foundations of the Spanish language. Students will learn about the Spanish culture and acquire the Spanish language through authentic real-world activities using everyday language. The Spanish language and culture can reinforce other areas of the curriculum.
in this communication-based course.
Spanish 2A:
Spanish2 is a continuation course for students who have successfully completed Spanish 1 at C level or who have demonstrated equivalent life experience. Students acquire more sophisticated skills in each of the major communication skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Major emphasis is on development of the ability to speak fluently with accurate pronunciation and intonation, read about the history, geography and current events and other literary works of 8 Spanish-speaking geographical regions for good comprehension, discussion, reflection and composition skills while fostering a deeper-level appreciation of the culture.


The Eiffel Tower is located in Paris, France and it was built int 1889 as part of the World's Fair.