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Concurrent Enrollment


Save Money

It is less expensive to obtain college credit through concurrent enrollment than it is to enroll in the classes from the college themselves. Students can take up to 6 units, equivalent to two classes with no enrollment fees. Taking the same course through the colleges can cost about $800. Tuition fees are increasing every year, so financially speaking, it is extremely wise to take concurrent classes while you’re still in high school.

Save Time in College

Students who enroll in concurrent enrollment in high school are more likely to graduate within four. When you take concurrent enrollment classes, you receive a college transcript, which can be transferred to the college you choose to attend after high school. Most colleges across the country accept concurrent enrollment courses.

Challenge Yourself

Concurrent enrollment classes are more challenging than the average high school course. This is because the standards of the concurrent enrollment classes are the same as the standards of college courses. Enrolling in concurrent courses is a great way to get a head start on college.

Explore Fields

Concurrent enrollment allows you to explore fields that you may be interested in without declaring a major. About 80 percent of students change their major in college at least once, and most will change their majors at least three times before they graduate. Concurrent enrollment allows you to take a course or two in your desired field without committing to a program. They also allow you to try something out that you may not otherwise pursue. Some of the courses offered through Los Angeles Southwest: Intro to Administration of Justice, Intro to Human Anatomy, Art Appreciation, Intro to Business, College Survival Skills Development, Public Speaking, Intro to Electronics, Orientation to Nursing, General Psychology and more. 

Required Form: 
Please print the form or pick one up at the counseling office. Complete Section 1: K-12 Student Information and receive approval from your School Counselor by having him or her complete Section 2: College Enrollment Information of the form.