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College Guidance

Transferring to a UC | Sacramento City CollegeCalifornia State University (CSU) Campuses
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Click on any one of the following links to help assist you in your college planning.

Campus Tours - This is a webiste that takes you on virtual tours of any campus that you may be interested in.

College Board- Here you can find all kinds of tools to help you navigate through which college best fits your student.

College Navigator- This site provides you with statistical information on colleges that you might be interested in.

CSU Mentor- A website to explore, plan and apply CSU Colleges.

College Planning Guide - This site provides students with a guide in preparing for college, from K-12.

UC Pathways- This site has tons of information on UC's.

California Community Colleges- This site provides information about community colleges within California.

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What Field and Degree are you Interested In?

For some students, there is an easy answer to the choice of career and field of study. It may be a life-long wish formed in early childhood or the profession that is a family tradition. For most students, the choice of field and career is not simple. Selecting a career and field of study should involve careful thought. The best way to make the choice is to put some time and effort into the process. This can increase your chance of making a great choice and finding a satisfying and rewarding career.


There are many choices for fields and careers. In terms of popularity, computers and technology rank near the top as does Healthcare and related fields. Education and Social services have a middle rank along with the Arts and Communications. Science is in the top ten along with the business fields. The vocational trades and transportation also form a significant part of the top career fields.


Degrees and Career Pathways



What is a Bachelor’s Degree?

Great question! A bachelor's degree, also know as “baccalaureate,” is an undergraduate degree that can take a student 3 to 7 years to complete. Visit University HQ to learn more about the different degree types! 
  Time to Complete Requirements
Associate’s 2 years High school diploma or GED
Bachelor’s 4 years High school diploma or GED
Master’s 1 to 2 years Bachelor’s Degree
Doctorate 2 or more years Master’s or Bachelor’s depending on source

Expected Lifetime Earnings*


Professional Degree

$4.4 Million

Doctoral Degree

$3.4 Million

Master’s Degree

$2.5 Million

Bachelor’s Degree

$2.1 Million

Associate’s Degree

$1.6 Million

Some College

$1.5 Million

High School Graduate

$1.2 Million

Non-High School Graduate

$1 Million


* Source: U.S. Census Bureau