Final Paper

Essay Structure


*The following structure was covered extensively in class and should be used when creating your final paper. Please Remember that a 3-5 page typed paper (and a works cited page) needs to be turned in by Monday.


Introduction Paragraph




Overall Claim/Thesis:



Body Paragraphs

C: Topic Sentence

S: Textual evidence, can be a direct quote or paraphrased information. Must include in text citation.

M: Rephrase your evidence in your own words.

M: Explain why your evidence matters to your overall claim.




Restate overall claim/Thesis


Pose any future questions/final thoughts



Question: How has technology been portrayed throughout media?

Introduction Paragraph


Hook: Fear is often accompanied with the introduction of anything new and unfamiliar.


Transition Sentence: For example, technology has experienced this type of reception since the invention of the light bulb.


Overall Claim/Thesis: People’s fears about the potential power of technology has been portrayed in movies such as Edward Scissor hands, Modern Times, and Akira.



Body Paragraphs

C: During the early 1900’s people’s fears about the technology of assembly line production is visible in the film Modern Times. The film depicts people being controlled by, and eventually becoming part of a machine.

S: During a scene, actor Charlie Chaplin is swallowed into the gears of a monstrous machine and emerges with a fragmented mind (Chaplin, Modern Times).

M: In other words, Chaplin became part of the machine that he worked with for various hours of the day.

M: This demonstrates the fears that people had about new technology such as machines of production. The film embodies the fear that humans would be controlled and hurt by new technology.




Restate overall claim/Thesis: In conclusion, technology is presented in film through people’s fears, hopes, and expectations of the future. Films such as Edward Scissor hands, Modern Times, and Akira solidify these themes.



Pose any future questions/final thoughts: Overall, these fears will continue as technology continues to evolve.