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Academic Integrity

Together the teachers and staff of Alliance Renee & Meyer Luskin Academy are here to create a safe and harmonious school to help all students realize their full potential. We are committed to helping all students who want to "enter to learn and leave to achieve" by providing educational opportunities and support to prepare all students for the rigors of college and beyond. 

Academic Integrity is a commitment to the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility in the academic process.

Students at Alliance Renee & Luskin College-Ready Academy are expected to demonstrate Academic Integrity. Each student is expected to do his or her own work. All work submitted by students should be a true reflection of their best effort and ability. This includes, but is not limited to, tests, homework, computer work, class assignments, essays, compositions, projects, reports and research.

The words “cheating” and “plagiarism” are often used interchangeably. Both involve passing off someone else’s words and/or ideas as your own. Both are unacceptable.

Examples of cheating and plagiarism that are unacceptable at Alliance Luskin College-Ready Academy:
  • Copying homework and submitting it as your own
  • Allowing someone to copy your work and submit it as his or her own
  • Looking at another’s test or sharing what is on a test verbally or electronically.
  • Letting your project partner do all the work and just putting your name on the final project.
  • Turning in someone’s old project as your own.
  • Not properly citing the words, pictures, music, video, or other forms of communication in your research projects.
  • Copying and pasting from an online source and submitting it as your own.
  • Paraphrasing source material without proper citations.
  • Hiring someone to write a paper, buying a paper, or downloading a paper from an online source.
  • Making up sources or listing sources you did not consult.
How can you avoid cheating and/or plagiarism?
  • Organize your time so you are to rushing at the last minute to complete an assignment.
  • Keep careful and accurate notes as you do research
  • Rework information into your own words and add personal observations.
  • When you do use another’s work make sure you attribute and cite properly.
  • Always include a bibliography, a list of sources.
Range of Possible Consequences for Cheating/Plagiarism:
  • Zero or “NP” on an Assignment
  • Teacher Conference
  • Parent Notification
  • Documentation of incident on student referral form
  • Teacher, parent, Principal, Assistant Principal, conference
  • Suspension
  • Other consequences at administrative discretion
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